A brand that wants to create history and to leave a trace over the years.

‘Khalifi’ is an arabic word which means ‘my successor’. We all come on Earth with a mission and we should leave just beautiful things behind our existence, that is why Cristina Racovita named the brand Khalifi, inspired by the Arabic Culture and Tradition of UAE.

Khalifi is coming with a story for each created perfume, a story related to a day to day life in Dubai, the most cosmopolite and futuristic city in the Middle East. Here, the heritage and history are well preserved and infused perfectly with the modern and glamorous lifestyle.
Perfumes are an enduring and essential part of the Arabic lifestyle and our goal is to take the traditional perfumery beyond expectation and add an unique and contemporary touch to it. The same way that Dubai evolved over the years.

Perfumes date back to the pre-islamic era, where Arab merchants brought the most exotic and expensive fragrances, spices and ingredients from far East and India. The import of the these rare ingredients continues in Dubai, and we are using these precious quality oils and raw materials for each perfume.

With each and every fragrance you will discover boldness, fame, sophistication and the unique flavour of Dubai!

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